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If you are struggling with relationship issues, bereavement, depression, anxiety, parenting, major life changes or family conflicts -Talking Helps

Why choose counselling?

Working with a counsellor means you are listened to in a non-judgemental way. Our family and friends are often not the best people to discuss and explore our inner most feelings. Indeed those closest to us may even be a part of the problem. Having someone that really listens to us can be the first step towards being helped with our difficulties

A trained counsellor has knowledge and experience of how people operate psychologically and how people are influenced by their experiences in their lives, both past and present.

A trained counsellor is able to empathise in the right way but will also, at the same time, have the courage to challenge their clients when appropriate. Our friends and family often find it difficult to challenge us because they try to avoid suggesting or mentioning things that might be difficult for us to hear.

A trained counsellor has a good understanding of mental health issues and the impact on individuals and those around them. This is not always true of friends and family.

In couple counselling the counsellor understands how couples relate to each other and the things that can impact on relationships working effectively. Each relationship is unique so a couple counsellor will help couples to explore and work on what is important to them and understands there is no one size fits all for relationships that work well. Whether it is conflict resolution, trust or intimacy issues, separation or work life balance issues a counsellor can help. When couples find it difficult to talk about their issues having a counsellor present may just be the breakthrough you need to start getting to the bottom of the problems you are facing.

Families often find it difficult to discuss and resolve issues. Parents may have different values and approaches to parenting and the children could be reacting to what's happening at home, school or in their relationships with their peers or siblings and everyone may be feeling stressed, unhappy or confused or all three! A trained counsellor has knowledge and skills to be able to understand everyone's perspective and enable families to find ways forward that they never imagined could be possible.

People often find that despite their best efforts they have not been able to resolve their issues or even begun to understand why they feel and behave in the ways they find themselves doing. They may find they go round in circles either in their own head or with their partners or other family members. This is when counselling can really be useful.

Could I discuss my problem with a Counsellor?

If you are having difficulty coping with things that are in your life /lives at the moment then this is as good a reason as any to consider coming to talk it through with a counsellor. It may be something that has always been a problem or something that has recently changed in your life. You may be experiencing difficulties explaining or talking about how you feel. You may be struggling to understand other peoples perspectives on something. You may not understand why you find yourself responding emotionally and reacting in certain ways in particular situations. Difficult past experiences have a habit of continuing to trouble us if we try to bury them and do not confront the impact they have had on us. We may not even be aware of the influence they still have on our lives but things tend to not work out as we would like them to.

Major life changes, even when they have been planned can be difficult to cope with. Becoming parents, bereavement or loss of any kind, career changes, marriage and many more life stages sometimes impact on us in ways we never imagined. There may be a crisis you find yourself having to cope with, something you never planned or even imagined could happen to you. The impact or Coronavirus may be something that is troubling you. You may have experienced loss through Coronavirus and want some help coping with the grief process. It may be helpful to talk through changes and choices that have had to be made as a result.

If you or your partner suspect or have discovered you are on the autistic spectrum or have ADHD then you will know daily life can be overwhelming or highly stressful. I have experience in working with couples and individuals with Aspergers, Autism and ADHD.

If any of these things apply to you and you are wondering if counselling will help, consider coming for a assessment to see how talking to a counsellor feels. You might be surprised at how comfortable it feels.

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